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Steven Maar feat. NASTYA - PHENOMENAL


Are you great at something like sports, dancing, art, music, extreme sports, driving, drinking, acrobatics or maybe you are just fearless...?? Well whatever you do and no matter how weird it may be we want YOU to be a part of our official PHENOMENAL video. All you have to do is record yourself in this Phenomenal task and send it to us. We will do the rest.


- Recording must not be longer then 30 sec.

- It must be an original recording of yourself or your friends (no stealing)

- We prefer it to be HD quality of at least 1280-720 pix but anything above works. If you have really epic video in lesser quality send it over and we will try and do our magic.

- be unique, original and special.

- Videos must be sent to (please send us download links to your videos, NO attachments) with "I am phenomenal" in the subject line.

- Before sending your video be sure to follow Steven and Nastya on their facebook pages:



- Videos must be send by January 12.2015.


If you get chosen for this video you will get::

- a chance to show off to the world how Phenomenal you are,

- a personal present from Nastya and Steven that will help you remember this opportunity. (presents here range from t-shirts, bracelets, caps, branded usb sticks, coffee mugs and/or any other merchandise we find fit to the person that deserved it)

- you will be listed in the video credits

- you will receive a digital copy of the Phenomenal release personally to your e-mail address


All the people that send their videos will also receive a free digital release of this track right to their e-mail address.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any injuries or harm sustained by participating in this project. If you injure yourself during this project then you might be taking this a bit too far. Remeber, be safe.